Euro Chlor new GEST 06/318 approval

Euro Clor




We are pleased to announce that descote has  received new Euro Chlor approvals for:

  • Manual valves (model 2100B)
  • Remotely operated shut-off valves (model 2100BAT)
  • Control valves (model 2100BAC)

Our valves are :

  • In accordance with the new Euro Chlor specification GEST 06/318, 2nd edition – June 2012
  • Approved for use with liquid and dry gaseous chlorine


Euro Chlor is the  federation representing producers of chlorine and its  derivatives.  Euro Chlor promotes best safety, health and environmental practices in the manufacture, handling and use of chlor-alkali products in order to assist its members in achieving continuous improvements.


For more information, EURO CHLOR Website:


descote is the first valve manufacturer to be Euro Chlor approved since 1983 and is a technical correspondent of the organization since 1991.