World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference & exhibition - San Francisco - USA - April 8 to 10, 2014

World Nuclear Fuel Cycle



descote will participate to the next WNFC Conference & exhibition in San Francisco.
A good opportunity for our customers from the nuclear cycle industry to find more about descote offer

- Ejectors for radio-active fluid transfer, used fuel reprocessing, MOX, MELOX..
- EAS steamjets , nuclear reactor safety circuits...
- bellows sealed globe valves (manual, actuated, control) for UF6 conversion and enrichment and fuel manufacturing, used fuel reprocessing...
- valves for UF6 transportation acc. to ANSI N14.1 (30B, 48Y cylinders...)
- sampling & transportation modules

descote has developped 40 years expertise in studies, calculation, R&D, earthquake calculation & tests...
to provide the best service to the stringent requirements of the commercial nuclear fuel cycle industry.

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