14/02/2013 - INDIA - Global Chlorine Safety Seminar

14/02/2013 - INDIA - Global Chlorine Safety Seminar

Global Chlorine Safety Seminar


Seminar to discuss issues relating to the Safe Handling of Chlorine during Production, Storage, Transportation, and Use at Consumers' end.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Process Safety Management
  • Process Safety Indicators
  • Safe Practices in Liquid Chlorine Stroage, Filling, Transportation & Emergency Shut-off
  • Case studies on Chlorine leakage incidents & suggested preventive actions
  • Recommendations for Prevention of Chlorine Iron fire, Chlorine Titanium fire & Nitrogen Trichloride
  • First Aid
  • Chlorine Transportation Emergency Network in India vis-a-vis in other countries

details at
 > http://www.ama-india.org/new_event.php

organized by 
 > Alkali Manufacturers' Association of India
 > World Chlorine Council